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Competitive Grants Initiative

comp grant pictureMAIZE brings together over 300 researchers and development partners and distinguishes itself by allocating funds to non-CGIAR researchers, to fill MAIZE research gaps, and capture a wider range of innovative ideas, by  launching a call for competitive grants. So far, the MAIZE ‘Competitive Grants Initiative’ (CGI) awarded 37 grants to researchers in over 20 countries, with a first year budget of over US$ 2.5 million. Grants were awarded for 1, 2 and 3-year research projects.

MAIZE has announced its third call for proposals as part of the ‘Competitive Grants Initiative’ (CGI). The Research Program is looking for partners to fill specific research gaps in the MAIZE Flagship Projects –which have been identified in the current project portfolio by MAIZE Theme Leads.

In October 2013, 17 institutions have been awarded a MAIZE Competitive Grant to complement the work of MAIZE CRP across Central America and Colombia, Africa, and South Asia, addressing themes such as mechanization, gender empowerment, sustainable smallholder practices, climate change vulnerability and the management of the Maize Lethal Necrosis (MLN) and Tar Spot Complex (TSC) diseases, in addition to testing new maize varieties with resistance to diseases, striga, and environmental stresses.

See attached document for the complete list.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with MAIZE Program Administrator Claudia Velasco (

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